Wipers Recycling LLC - Call:(651)222-RAGS
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Made in USA


Revised: 10-7-12

We welcome shoes and clothing for recycling. Other items are accepted as well.
Reusable and wearable things get recycled in the following ways:

- Become a re-marketable product.
- Made into wiping cloth.
- Donated to a non-profit.

Just drop items off at one of our bins. They are checked daily and nothing goes to waste.

We take:

Clothes(clean and dry in bags or boxes). Clothing items can be any of the following:

- Any clothing like tee shirts, jeans, jackets.

- Bed sheets, towels.

- clean bath & kitchen rags.

- large sheets of cotton fabric.

- Wool clothing or wool in any condition.

Footwear pairs.

- All types of shoes in any condition. Must have matches.

- Cowboy Boots in any condition. must be pairs.

- Feathers in any form. We take old pillows, feather blankets, feather bags, down jackets, etc. If ripped, place in plastic bag.

- Old poly or cotton filled pillows are OK, but all items must be dry & clean.

- Purses and Belts.

- Soft toys like stuffed animals, any type.

- Reusable hard items.

- Computers in any condition.

- Electronics but no old CRT monitors/TVs


We especially take clothing and various footwear as long as they're dry and clean.

Items can be dropped off at anytime (unless its raining). We are working on getting more boxes around the Twin Cities in the future.

If you have more than a car-load of shoes, clothing, or other items, we can have one of our drivers pick them up. Call or Email to arrange a pick-up time if you are in the Twin Cities or surrounding areas. The number is (651)222-7247.

super sacks
For large collections we will provide 'super sacks'. They can hold over 500 pounds of goods and can be palletized.

Drop off your reusable items here:

501 9th Ave
Saint Paul Park, MN 55071


COMING SOON... new drop-off location in maplewood